Settlement and Jury Awards

Through this portal, you can access settlements in liability claims against state departments and other government entities, as well as jury awards in civil cases that go to trial.

The Risk Management Division of the General Services Department provides insurance coverage and legal representation to state government entities for claims alleging civil rights violations, whistleblower retaliation, medical malpractice and some other wrongful acts.

To search for a settlement or settlements, you must enter a date range. You can narrow your search by entering the name of the releasor, the releasee department or the claim type.

Releasor is the person who received a settlement. The releasee department is the state agency that entered into the settlement. There can be multiple releasors or releasees in a settlement.

Once a settlement is entered into, it and related records are confidential for a limited period of time under NMSA 15-7-9.

That law reads in part:

“…records pertaining to claims for damages or other relief against any governmental entity or public officer or employee; provided such records shall be subject to public inspection by New Mexico citizens one hundred eighty days after the latest of the following dates:

  1. the date all statutes of limitation applicable to the claim have run;
  2. the date all litigation involving the claim and the occurrence giving rise thereto has been brought to final judgment and all appeals and rights to appeal have been exhausted;
  3. the date the claim is fully and finally settled; or
  4. the date the claim has been placed on closed status.”

The first posting of settlements includes agreements that became public available after Jan. 1, 2019. Additional settlements will be added as they become available for public inspection. In addition, the Risk Management Division will add settlements that became public prior to Jan. 1, 2019.

For more information about the Risk Management Division and the General Services Department, go to

You can also contact GSD’s public information officer, Thom Cole, at 827-0402.

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